Slimbrite Letters

Slimbrite Letters are a sleek, cutting-edge letter style made for milling thick pieces of Acrylic then filling them with hundreds of tiny LEDs to give perfect illumination on letters only 1" thick. These are reserved for very high-end applications or when you want to make an over the top impression.

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Four Styles of Slimbrite Letters

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Made from acrylic materials, our Halo Slimbrite Letters use unique LED lighting to eliminate pin dotting.

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Faux Neon

These round-faced, white letters with matching color wrap are available in 6500K or 3500K white, blue, red, amber, green and pink.

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Front Lit Only

On Front Lit Only letters, each face is evenly lit with an applied translucent vinyl or print. The back can provide a halo or opaque effect.

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Side Lit (2-piece)

In this style, half is opaque while the other half is illuminated. Side Lit letters can be combined with Front Lit or Halo lighting.

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