Channel Letters

One of the most popular types of commercial signage, channel letters are individually created, dimensional letters that make an impact on your storefront. We will create your channel letter project from your art whether it is a standard font or something completely custom.

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Flexible Designs to Fit Your Brand

Our processing team will walk you through a wide array of options to spec the exact channel letters you need.


Select a depth
from 3" to 10"


Choose non-illuminated letters, or lit with High quality Versatile LEDs.


Decide to mount the channel letters directly to your building or on a metal raceway structure


Our Five Styles of Channel Letters

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Front Lit

This style emits light from the front or face of the channel letters and is commonly seen at shopping malls and outdoor plazas. Our high-volume facility can deliver this style to you in record time.

View Our Front Lit Channel Letters
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Front & Back Lit

Dramatic and highly visible Front & Back lit letters give the intense color out the front while emitting a subtle silhouette out the back. The silhouette color can be any color regardless of the face color.

View Our Front & Back Lit Channel Letters
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While not as common as the other styles, our non-illuminated channel letters can provide a unique look that matches the aesthetic of your building.

View Our Non-Illuminated Channel Letters
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This radiant backlit signage creates a halo effect behind each letter. We carefully paint the inside of your channel letters with gloss white to amplify the effect of LED lighting.

View Our Reverse Channel Letters
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Front/Halo Lit with Trimless Face

This style offers a trimless face with a lit edge, black or white aluminum available in 2-3/8" and 4" depths, a back made from either ACM or Clear polycarbonate for a Dual-lit affect. Interior applications can be offered with a no visible fastener option.

View Our Front/Halo Lit with Trimless Face
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