Sign Cabinets

Sign cabinets are tried-and-true options that capture the attention of pedestrians and passing motorists. We specialize in custom cabinets and cabinets made from extruded material.

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Five Types of Sign Cabinets

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Extruded Cabinets

This style of cabinet is durable, affordable and manufactured with industry-leading Sign-Comp extrusion materials.

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Custom Cabinets

Want a solution that really stands out? Our skilled fabricators will select the right materials to build any custom design.

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Stick Built Pylon Cabinets

When your brand requires a unique look, we can design and fabricate a cabinet that incorporates distinctive materials to make your sign strong and well-lit.

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Push-Thru Cabinets

Push-thru cabinets combine acrylic letters and an aluminum face to provide an eye-catching glow for your brand.

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Shoebox Cabinets

Often used for interior signs, shoebox cabinets allow easily allow for a non uniform LOW PROFILE shape, plus easy installation and maintenance.

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